Aug '09

Robber comes back to grab TV while police still at house

Mariachis set world record in Mexican city

Naked man hijacks bus carrying students

Granny get your (stun) gun

Police: Man leaves kids in car, goes to strip club

Man upset over parade allegedly hits cop with car

Boy sets friend on fire — then does it again

Barber tries to rob store over bad beef jerky

Wyo. man spots his SUV on way to report it stolen

Burglar targets North Bend police station

Would-be robber buzzes store to get in

Holdup note helps nab alleged robber in Utah

Is this New Zealand's dumbest criminal?

Venice hotel mistake creates rush for 1 cent weekend

Patient accused of biting off doctor's fingertip

Md. judge admits deflating tire over parking spot

FBI: Man gives teller ID before robbing bank

Woman nabbed twice for DUI on same night in 2 cars

Woman hurls mug at Mona Lisa painting

Man convicted of groping Minnie Mouse

Cops Taser 76-year-old tractor driver

Fake nurse awarded herself ’Nurse of the Year’

Florida inmates make, sell their own hot sauce

Obese Texas inmate hides gun in his flabs of fat

14-Year-Old Crashes Dad’s SUV On Way To Buy Skittles

Burger King: No shoes rule taken too far with baby

Hypnotist fined for stealing a kiss on a date

Brazil forest group: Go green & go in the shower

Fans urged to drink whisky to ward off swine flu

Man sneaks into U.K. on bus full of border agents

Woman demands refund for vacation spoiled by naked girls

1 Family Sole Occupants of 32-Story Tower

Mich. woman's begging to get smokes ends in arrest

Seattle bank teller chases robber, loses job